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A look back to my first days with the Fatback Corvus

A look back to my first days with the Fatback Corvus

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Outside Magazine: The 3 Best Fat Bikes of 2013

"Every major snow-bike race in 2012 (including the granddaddy, the Iditabike) was won aboard one of these Alaskan race rigs. The Fatback is blinged out with a house-branded carbon fork and carbon wheels (which are a pound lighter than the competition’s) and 45Nrth’s siped Hü...

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"The first thing that surprised me about this bike is that it’s not that heavy. It’s certainly no weight weenie XC race bike, but it feels very reasonable."

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"When the FedEx truck pulled into my driveway I knew exactly what he was about to unload. Is it wrong that I watched the FedEx Tracking page like a hawk for two days while my frame made its way to Idaho from Anchorage, AK? I have been thinking about a new Fat Bike frame for ...

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"At first glance, it resembles a bike that may be aboard the next mission to Mars. With its 4.7-inch tires and 90-mm-wide rims, Fatback’s well-refined contribution to the fat bike movement is sure to turn a few heads out on the snow-packed trails. With high-quality proprieta...

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"Fat bikes ruled the roost in Dirt Demo Vegas. These machines attracted the most attention and the fun factor was highest among the riders of these bikes. We met up Greg Matyas of Speedway Cycles and he revealed the keys to the rising popularity of these bikes. When designed...

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"Speedway Cycles in Anchorage, Alaska has been building Fatback bikes for about five years now. Titanium was the material of choice at first, but in an effort to bring a more affordable bike to the people, owner Greg Matyas introduced an aluminum-framed model. The Fatback Al...

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