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Announcing The Fatback Big Su and Knight Composites wheelsets

The number one performance upgrade on a bike are it’s wheels, as they are rotational weight. Previously, fat bike wheels were either moderately light, and a pain to set up tubeless, or heavy and not tubeless compatible. We love our Goldilocks solution, which brings all the best attributes into the same wheel. We set out to make the best-in-class wheelset, and the Big Su/AK SL aluminum wheelset delivers.


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The right size bike, Liz rides around Puerto Rico with her 14" Corvus FLT.

This project was born out of a desire to merge adventure and impact. I had spent time in Puerto Rico in the winter of 2016/2017, pre-Hurricane Maria. I had fallen in love with the country and the people, and had developed some close friendships there. I didn’t take a bike on that trip, but I saw the potential of riding a fat bike on the many secluded beaches that line the coast of the island. After the hurricane happened, I wanted to do what I could to help out the country that had shown me so much love a year prior.

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Staff Bike Choice - FuzzyJohn and his Skookum(s)

Fatback Skookum trailside.This bike changed my mind on what makes the best all mountain hardtail. Check out why Fuzzy Love his Skookum so much! ...Fatback had a great alloy frame and had just released the Corvus, but after riding a fat bike in conditions other than snow, the idea for the Skookum was born.

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First Impressions on the Trail

My first riding impression of the Corvus came, quite literally, during the first pedal stroke. This bike is fast. The light weight and super stiff frame translate every bit of effort directly into forward motion. The Corvus launches forward in a way no fat-tired bike should.


Getting to Know the Corvus on the Dirt

Given our historically dry winter, I was able to log plenty of dirt miles on the Corvus. I put the ultralight carbon wunderfatty through its paces on every imaginable type of trail this side of a legit downhill run. As fat bikes go, the Corvus is an incredible dry land performer. The Corvus is actually a great dirt bike regardless of fat status. Some of the bike’s stellar performance is attributable to the Terrene Cake Eater tires it was sporting.

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Which fat bike is best for me?

A fat bike is a fat bike correct? Well yes, but they can be designed for different purposes and ride very differently.

That’s why we offer 3 unique models. The Corvus, The Rhino, and the Skookum. One good thing is they all can excel in any situation, some are more appropriate for certain conditions. People use fat bikes for just about everything off-road, as they have realized the versatility is unmatched by many other bikes. Which one is best for your style?

Fat bike riding in Iceland

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Racing a fat bike in the Arrowhead 135(for the 11th time).

I had a fast start and made it to the first checkpoint at mile 36 by 10:30am. I saw my first wolf on the trail before checkpoint 2. He was very large and ambled off the trail when he saw me. I stopped were I saw him go into the woods and watched as he was perched on a ridge looking down on me, pretty cool... Soon enough I felt my feet, hands, and body getting very cold. I stopped and added a jacket and some warm gloves but when I grabbed the gloves from the front bag it came off the bike. I removed my gloves to reattach the bag but my fingers lacked the dexterity to do it... I finished in 13 place with a time of 19 hours and 35 minutes; it is my fastest finish! My bike, gear, and knowledge helped me to be the first person to finish the Arrowhead Ultra 10 times.

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Race sponsored! - 28 BELOW- Spearfish South Dakota

When I raced full time many years ago, one of my goals was to fine a hand full of races that I would go back to once I "retired". One of those races was the Dakota FIVE-O. I had such a great time in Spearfish, SD, the trails were great, locals as well as the tourists were such a blast to hang out with. I came away from that weekend with many new (now old) friends, and maybe one hangover. Recently the promoter of the Dakota FIVE-O reached out to see if we wanted sponsor their Winter fat bike race the 28 BELOW. There was no way I would turn him down!

28 degrees below zero

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