DirtRagMag.com: Review: Fatback Aluminum

"Speedway Cycles in Anchorage, Alaska has been building Fatback bikes for about five years now. Titanium was the material of choice at first, but in an effort to bring a more affordable bike to the people, owner Greg Matyas introduced an aluminum-framed model. The Fatback Aluminum shares the same design aspects as the other Fatbacks, such as a curved top tube for increased standover clearance while allowing for the use of a longer head tube. Having more top tube clearance is always welcome when riding in soft conditions, and a taller head tube gives the rider a more upright position, which helps with control. Ride stability is designed into the frame by utilizing a 69.5° head tube angle and a 73° seat tube angle along with a 24” effective (on an 18” frame) top tube length."