Pat Smage

7x MotoTrials National Champion/Motorcycle Showman

Hometown? Elkhorn, WI.

Favorite thing about Fatback?
The products of course! I love my Corvus, coming from my previous bike is like night and day. The light weight and smooth feel makes for an amazing ride. Just looking at it makes me want to ride. Fatback is one of the originators of the fatbike, so they have more time developing the perfect bike with fat tires then most companies, and it shows. When I first started looking for a fatbike, Fatback was one of the first I found. With great products and great people behind them, I couldn’t be happier to be riding one.

Why fatbikes?
Fatbikes are the ultimate all terrain bike to me. I can have fun riding them anywhere in any condition. From the road to snowy singletrack and everything in between, throw on the right tires for the conditions and it’s a blast. They are so versatile and have opened up so many more riding possibilities. Finally being able to ride in the snow and enjoy it is amazing. I have been trying since I was a little kid, but never had any luck with my skinny tired bikes. I have ridden places I never thought a bike would even move, and came away smiling. Riding things no one else has is a huge draw to fatbiking for me. I am constantly looking for new obstacles. The trail is only half the fun, it’s what’s hidden in the woods that really makes things interesting (where’s it legal of course). Although I hope to never have only one bike, if I had to pick one it would be my fatbike.

If you were a dessert, what would you be?
Chocolate milk, because I like to be smoooooooth.