Kara Oney

Bike: Fatback Corvus with Fatback Footprint Wheelset.


  • 2013 Homer Epic 4th place (really my first long snow race)
  • 2014 Rovaniemi 150 1st place women & 7th overall – first woman to complete race & still course record for women.
  • 2015 Iditasport 100K 1st place overall for the entire race – won the whole damn thing.
  • 2015 ITI McGrath 3rd place woman

Why fatbike?: Cider is one crazy tough training partner and always keeps me going. He has gotten me ready for all the big races I have done! I have ridden, pushed my bike, and suffered on some ridiculous “fun” rides because someone needed a run…

Why Fatback?:
The Fatback Corvus is amazing and I just love the way it feels like a high end mountain bike that can just go anywhere. I am planning to make this my summer bike for riding all over this next season. Can’t think of a reason to stop riding it!