Origin of the Species

Fatback Bikes is the legendary Fat Bike Brand from Anchorage, Alaska.

The frame that started the fat bike frenzy. The frame that changed everything in 2007. We didn’t invent the fat bike (that would be Steve Baker, of Icicle Cycles out of Anchorage AK back in 1988), we reinvented it. Using ingenuity, along with a bit of alchemy, founder Greg Matyas developed the holy grail of rear hubs, the symmetrical 170mm (we got your Boost)! This hub design would remain the standard until 2012 when we developed a new symmetrical standard, one which allowed the use of 5” wide tires, the mighty 197mm hub, which the entire industry recognized as the simply the best design to do it all. Symmetrical design, cutting edge geometry (our competitors are now just catching up to what we designed 11 years ago), better stand over, and more tire clearance…just some of the reasons we catapulted the fat bike into the future.

In 2006, only the Surly Pugsley was available (there were also a couple of custom steel builders doing one-off frames using different rear hub standard, one of them being Ray Molina, who developed the offset design used by the Surly Pugsley, also used by Wildfire Designs and John Evingson , both local Alaskans), and great as it was, we had other ideas on design and geometry, and produced the first symmetrically designed fat bike, years ahead of our nearest competitors. Our Ti frames had more stand over clearance, more tire clearance, better cable routing, slacker and taller head tubes, longer top tubes, lower bottom brackets, and shorter chain stays, all working in sync to provide the best handling, most confidence inspiring fat bike on the market to this day. Our bikes have more winter endurance wins than ALL other brands combined!

We developed more than just frames, forks, and industry drive train standards. We made the first fat, single wall aluminum rims, and, working with Stan’s notubes, we introduced tubeless fat to the world in 2009 with our Uma II rims, capable of running pressures as low as 2psi. Our carbon Footprint rims set the standard for single wall, lightweight tubeless performance. Not the lightest, nor the least expensive, but no other rim comes close to weight, price, and durability. One of our Fatback Ambassadors, nine time US Moto Trials champion Pat Smage, rides trials on the carbon Footprint putting them to the ultimate test of durability.

Our original bikes were made of Titanium. We loved the ride of Ti, but they were quite expensive, so we started producing aluminum frames in 2009, and steel frames made of True Temper OX Platinum in 2010. Our first carbon bike, the record setting Corvus came along in 2014 and once again took the world by storm with it’s fantastic handling, lightweight, and beautiful lines, it’s been ridden to multiple records in the world’s toughest events.

In 2015 we developed our first “trail” inspired fat bike, the Skookum, with long, low, and slack geometry, suspension corrected for 5” travel fork. This bike brought fat to a whole new crowd-the shredders! Brand manager and longtime industry guru FuzzyJohn, who helped develop the frame says it’s the funnest bike he’s ever ridden. We hear this comment quite often these days.

For 2016, using input from the toughest riders in the toughest events around the world, we introduced an all new suspension corrected Corvus with a few geometry tweaks to even further our lead in frame design, as well as offer the first XS size 14” carbon fat bike, and an XL 22” as well. Fatback owner and founder, Greg Matyas says it’s the finest bike we’ve ever made, a culmination of a decade of industry leading design.

In February 2014, former pro mtb racer John (Fuzzy) Mylne came aboard bringing a lifetime of expertise and has taken Fatback to unprecedented levels. Our combined knowledge and efforts yields the finest fat bikes money can buy. Find out for yourself why racers and adventurers alike chose Fatback.

The Team

Fatback Bikes is run by a handful of shop guys

What’s our passion? The Ride. We love bikes to, but it’s all about getting out on the trails, and into the back country. We are explorers, bike backers, racers and commuters. If we can’t do it by bike, we try and figure out a way that we can. Our meetings often get side tracked with conversations about places we want to go ride and “make a film or do a photo shoot”. The only bad part, our list is getting longer not shorter! Keep an eye out for our next adventure, We’re thinking New Zealand or maybe Peru!

Greg Matyas

Greg Matyas was born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska where he has a long history of racings skis, bikes and wrestling wolves. In 2007 he opened Speedway Cycles, which caters to all aspects of the cycling community including entry level and kids bikes to top of the line mountain and road bikes. He is the mastermind behind the Fatback bike line and continues to use his vast cycling knowledge and enthusiasm for the sport to improve on the Fatback design and bring new and innovative products to the market.

Fuzzy John Mylne
Brand Manager

Fuzzy started exploring his world by bike when he was 5-6, riding the hills around his house with friends. From there he started racing when he was about 11 years old. In his racing career he has raced the road, triathlons, and mountain biking. Mountain biking was his true passion, it took him to places that he would never get to by foot. In his mountain biking career he raced for both the Sho-Air team and Niner Bikes factory team, winning multiple national championships along the way. Now, he spends a lot of his riding time pulling a ski trailer with kids in tow behind the fat bike and exploring the trails around Oakridge Oregon.

2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016
2007 Fatback Sunset


Fatbacks first Titanium frame is made and sold, utilizing symmetrical 165 rear hubs and Phil Wood square taper bb's

Timeline 2008


  • Fatback introduced the world to the 170mm symmetrical hub for the correct chain line and improved tire clearance.
  • Uma - first light weight, single wall fat bike rims with bead locks.
Timeline 2007


  • Aluminum Fatback frames debut
  • First tubeless fat rims using Uma II rims, Stan's tape and sealant.
  • Worked with FifteenG(E13) to develop the first lightweight 2 piece cranks
  • First carbon 135 fat fork
Timeline 2010


  • Fatback has FSA produce a 2 piece lightweight Afterburner cranks to increase tire clearance.
  • Uma 90 tubeless rims are introduced.
  • We introduced the US made (Waterford) True Temper OX Platinum steel frames.
Timeline 2011


Fatback introduces tapered head tube frames and tapered steer tube carbon forks, as well as direct mount front derailleurs

Speedway2013 11


Introduced the new industry standard 190(197) hubs and 190 frames with clearance for 5” tires.

Timeline 2013


  • Fatback introduces the first fat, singlewall, tubeless carbon rims
  • Fatback introduces the Corvus carbon frameset and sets new records in the Iditarod Trail Invitational.
Timeline 2014


  • Fatback tweaks the layup on the Corvus frames to create the most comfortable, best handling fat bike on the market.
Timeline 2015


  • Rhino and Skookum models were introduced to broaden the use of fat bikes, and make them year round bikes


  • We released our Premium level products - FLT continuing to push advance the technology and capabilities of what is possible on a fat bike.
  • Complete redesign of the Corvus to make it the best balanced and most capable bike in the line.