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Fatback Bikes is an Alaskan fat bike brand that manufactures fat tire mountain bikes meant to be ridden in some of the harshest places in the world.

We get how important it is for your fat bike to be as dependable as possible. We sweat the details so that you can ride the fastest and lightest fat bikes that are still ideal for carrying you and your gear for the long haul.

This means that our frame geometries are suspension corrected, have fantastic standover height, and plenty of rack and water bottle mounts allowing you to race and adventure far from your local bike shop.

We build bikes that you'll pick to ride over and over again no matter how large your quiver is.

Our best in class lineup includes the Corvus, the record-setting winner of multiple ultra-distance events like the Iditarod Trail Invitational and was just awarded by Outside Magazine best fat bike of 2018, the trail inspired Skookum that is perfect for shredding any trail on the planet.

Fatback Bikes FLT: Our Premium Fat Bike Lineup

We've recently launched our new high-performance lineup with the FLT designation which stands for Fast, Light, Technology. The FLT product line focuses on lightweight, high performance and premium ride quality fat tire bicycle frames and components. Our FLT fat bike frames use a higher quality / high modulus carbon fiber that is stiffer and offers a weight savings of a 1/2 pound while still offering tons of useful mounting options. These fat tired bikes handle snow, mud, rocks, roots and anything else you'll find amazingly well.

The lineup includes the Corvus FLT fat bike that was just featured in Bicycling Magazine's list of 2018 Best Fat Bikes, the Skookum FLT which was also featured in that article, and the Rhino FLT our stiff, lightweight, and super handling alloy frame fat tire bicycle.

Fat Bike Parts + Gear

We also make the fat bike parts, fat bike wheels and hubs, and fat bike gear necessary to take your adventure to the ends of the Earth, whether its a winter expedition to Alaska or compete at some of the most difficult winter bike races in the world.

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Preparing for the Iditarod Trail invitational 2017

John Lackey is getting prepared to defend his course record in the race to McGrath. He has shared a little bit of his preparation for the race and showed us some of his gear selection.

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A look back - Winning the 2016 Iditarod Trail Invitational - Tim Berntson

It was dark and I’d look back from time to time for the bounce of a light in the trees behind me. Within a mile of Post River Glacier I saw Tyson’s light in the distance, but it was still hard to judge how far back he was. This is when I committed to going as hard as I could without (hopefully) blowing up. The rest of the night was a blur. Although I felt like I was keeping a good pace the good riding I had experienced earlier on turned to hard-packed, bumpy and moose-holed snow, which kept me out of my seat. At this point arriving at the ice covered Farewell Lakes were awesome, fast and smooth!

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Fatback History

The frame that changed it all

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