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Racing a fat bike in the Arrowhead 135(for the 11th time).

I had a fast start and made it to the first checkpoint at mile 36 by 10:30am. I saw my first wolf on the trail before checkpoint 2. He was very large and ambled off the trail when he saw me. I stopped were I saw him go into the woods and watched as he was perched on a ridge looking down on me, pretty cool... Soon enough I felt my feet, hands, and body getting very cold. I stopped and added a jacket and some warm gloves but when I grabbed the gloves from the front bag it came off the bike. I removed my gloves to reattach the bag but my fingers lacked the dexterity to do it... I finished in 13 place with a time of 19 hours and 35 minutes; it is my fastest finish! My bike, gear, and knowledge helped me to be the first person to finish the Arrowhead Ultra 10 times.

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Race sponsored! - 28 BELOW- Spearfish South Dakota

When I raced full time many years ago, one of my goals was to fine a hand full of races that I would go back to once I "retired". One of those races was the Dakota FIVE-O. I had such a great time in Spearfish, SD, the trails were great, locals as well as the tourists were such a blast to hang out with. I came away from that weekend with many new (now old) friends, and maybe one hangover. Recently the promoter of the Dakota FIVE-O reached out to see if we wanted sponsor their Winter fat bike race the 28 BELOW. There was no way I would turn him down!

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